Oppaan Master's Degree Programme in English Language and Culture, 2021-22 tiedot

Yleinen kuvaus Opetus Tentit Tutkintorakenteet Opintojaksot


Objectives of education 

Graduates from the degree program for languages with a Master’s degree in English Language and Culture as their major have gained deep insight into the English language and Anglophone cultures. They have a wide understanding of the English language, its structure and usage, and of the culture, especially literature, of the Anglophone world. 

They have the following academic and professional skills:

i) Academic skills:
They know several research trends in empirical linguistics or literary and cultural studies and have specialized on particular research area
• They can independently plan, implement and report an academic study and choose the approaches and methods relevant to their research question  
• They recognize the central ethical questions in their field of research 
• They master the basic practices related to academic communication in their field of research 
• They have the basic skills for postgraduate study in their own field

ii) Professional skills
• According to the professional orientation of their degree, they
      -Master the professional skills required from a teacher, or  
      -Master the relevant skills required in other professions demanding expertise in language and culture
• They are able to observe and evaluate the use, variation and change of the English language in different cultural and social contexts
They are able to evaluate the knowledge of their discipline from a professional perspective and relate it to the working life.


The minimum amount of credit points of the advanced study module is 80 ECTS. 

A.1. Research studies 10 cp
Choose either literary or linguistic seminar:
2130553 Seminar: Literatures in English 10 ECTS 
2130554 Seminar: Language Research 10 ECTS 

A.2. Research studies 5 cp
Choose either a literary (2130502 Methodology: Literary and Cultural Theory, 5 cp) or linguistic methodology unit (combine at least 5 credits from 2133343 Research Methods in Linguistics and Translation Studies, 2131945 Introduction to Statistics, 2119201 Introduction to Statistics (MDP in Linguistic Sciences) or 2131946 Methods in Corpus Linguistics).

A.3. Thesis studies: 30 cp
2130574 MA Thesis (English) 30 cp

A.4. Maturity exam 0 cp
2110036 Maturity Examination in a Foreign Language (MA) 0 cp

B. Optional Studies 35 cp

Students select 35 credits of advanced level courses offered by the unit. The selection of courses offered varies annually. Optional courses represent areas of strength at the unit. The central themes in linguistics are i) language and society, ii) language and mind, iii) language and digitality, and iv) language and school; in literature and culture the areas are i) postcolonial and ethnic literatures, ii) contemporary literature, iii) literature and cultural studies, and iv) literary trends and genres. Optional studies can also include courses in digital skills and competences, organized by the School of Humanities, or other similar studies (maximum of 10 cp). These studies can also include professional work placement that is relevant for studies. 

2130509 Multicultural Identities in Contemporary British Literature 5 cp
2130512 African American Fiction 5 cp
2130529 Erasmus Courses 2-5 cp
2130541 Postcolonial Literatures in English 5 cp
2130542 Cognitive Linguistics 5 cp
2130543 Classroom English 3 cp
2110014 Linguistic and cultural encounters in language teaching 3-5 cp
2130546 Observing ongoing change in present-day Englishes 5 cp
2130550 Special Issues in the Study of English Language and Culture 1-6 cp
2130551 Guest Lectures in English Language and Culture 1-6 cp
2130552 Optional Courses in English Language and Culture 1-10 cp
2130823 Translation, Language and Cognition 5 cp
2130556 Metaphors and Figurative Language 5 cp
2130557 Digital Tools in English Studies 5 cp
2130558 ELF: English as a Lingua Franca 5 cp
2130559 Introduction to Sociolinguistics 5 cp
2130560 Classics of Children’s Literature 5 cp
2130562 Black Women’s Writing 5 cp

2130563 Celtic Englishes 5 cp
2130564 Contact Varieties of English 5 cp
2130565 Contemporary American Literature 5 cp
2130566 Cultural Memory in the Writing of the Black Diaspora 5 cp
2130567 Ethnic American Literatures 5 cp
2130568 Sexuality and Space in Literature 5 cp
2130569 Black Girlhood Studies 5 cp
2130571 Lexical Priming 5 cp
2130572 Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics 3 cp
2130573 Poetry in English 3 cp
2130575 Second language acquisition 5 cp
2130576 Learner Corpus Research 5 cp
2119007 Digital Methods in Variationist Research 3 cp


Any courses offered by the University according to students' personal interests. 

Recommended courses:
1131003 Orientation for International Students 1 cp 
8020290 Information Skills and Sources in Humanities for International Students 1 cp 
8031006 University Computing Skills 2 cp
8031003 University Study Skills, 1 cp 
8014301 Finnish 1, 4 cp 
8014302 Finnish 2, 4 cp 
8014303 Finnish 3, 4 cp 
8014304 Finnish 4, 4 cp 
1130007 Career Planning - international students seeking a job or traineeship in Finland 2 cp 
Work Practice: 
2110043 Traineeship relevant to student's field of study, 10 cp 
2110021 Work Experience, 1-10 cp 


Contact information 

Professor Mikko Laitinen 
Agora building, room 241 

Coordinator Juuso Loikkanen 
Borealis building, room 304 

Amanuensis Risto Helén 
Agora building, room 142