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Codedescending Namedescending Credits Organisationdescending Functions
1131014 Acting as a Peer Tutor for Exchange Students 2 Cp  Student services  
1131012 Acting as a Peer Tutor for International Master's Degree Students 2 Cp  Student services  
1131015 Acting as a senior Peer Tutor 1-2 Cp  Student services  
1131013 Course for Peer Tutoring for Exchange Students 1 Cp  Student services  
1131019 Language Cafe, leader 2 Cp  Student services  
2235240 Participating in Small Group Counselling for Exchange Students 2 Cp  Career Counselling (J)  
1131017 Participation in student organisation and student club's international activities 1 Cp  Student services  
2131495 Patterns of Russian/Soviet Cultural Life 4 Cp  Foreign Languages and Translation Studies (J) Search teaching and exams 
2332530 Studies completed at a foreign higher education institution 0 Cp / 0 Cu  School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education  
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