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Minor Subject: English Language, 2020-21

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Humanistisen osaston opetus toteutetaan pääsääntöisesti etäopetuksena syyslukukauden 2020 ajan. Etäopetus voi sisältää livetapaamisia, joten ilmoittaudu opintojaksoille ja tarkasta opetustapahtuman aikataulu. Syyslukukauden opetustapahtumiin voi tulla tarkennuksia vielä elokuun ja syyskuun aikana. 


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English Studies at UEF provide students with excellent written and oral language skills and thorough knowledge of the structure and usage of English, communication and interaction, and good knowledge of Anglophone literature and culture. According to the path chosen by the student, the studies focus on English language and culture or English language and translation. The degree program emphasizes an interdisciplinary perspective onto diverse phenomena related to language, culture, translation and multilingual communication, and addresses their significance in a globalizing and digitalizing world. The program provides the necessary skills demanded from a teacher, language specialist or translator and prepares students for further academic studies. The degree program operates in close co-operation with other languages and humanities.

Basic studies are common to both majors: English Language and Culture and English Language and Translation.

213340 Basic Studies in English 30 cp
A. Academic and Professional Communication Skills (8 ECTS)
2130441 Pronunciation (1 ECTS)
2130442 Academic and Professional Communication (2 ECTS)
2130443 Introduction to Academic Writing (3 ECTS)
2130444 Academic Essay Writing (2 ECTS)
B. Language and Linguistics (5 ECTS)
2130445 Structures and Sounds of English
C. Literature (5 ECTS)
2130446 Anglophone Literatures: Cultures and Contexts (5 ECTS)
D. Cultural Contexts and Competences (7 ECTS)
2130447 American Studies (2.5 ECTS)
2130448 British Studies (2.5 ECTS)
2130449 Intercultural Studies (2 ECTS)
E. General Module (5 ECTS)
Students take one of the following courses as part of their English Basic Studies: Introduction to Literature (5 ECTS), Introduction to Linguistics (5 ECTS) or Introduction to Multilingual Communication (5 ECTS). NB! These courses are taught in Finnish.


2130440s Intermediate Studies in English Language and Culture (Minor) 30 cp
A. Language Skills 2 (5 cp)
2130441 Writing for Research in English (5 cp)
B. Linguistic Studies 2 (9 cp)
2130442 Structures of English 2 3 cp
2130443 Changing English 3 cp
2130444 English as a World Language 3 cp
C. Literary and Cultural Studies 2 (11 cp)
2130445 19th-century Realisms: Race, Class and Gender 4 cp
2130446 20th and 21st Century Literature 4 cp
2130447 Shakespeare as a Cultural Icon 3 cp
D. Elective Studies (5 cp)
2130448 Language and Internationalization Practice
Courses of student’s own choice (5 cp) from advanced studies of English Language and Culture

2130500s Advance Studies in English language and Culture (Minor) (60 op)
A.Compulsory Studies
A.1. Research Studies 15 cp
2130553 Seminar: Literatures in English 10 cp
2130502 Methodology: Literary and Cultural Theory 5 cp
2130554 Seminar: Language Research 10 cp
Methodology: Language Research 5 cp
The students will select a minimum of 5cp of courses from the following:
2131932 Linguistic methodology 1 (3 cp)
2132042 Introduction to statistics (2-5 cp)
2132033 Text corpora (2-5 cp)
A.2. Thesis Studies 20 cp
2130507 Minor MA Thesis (English) (20 cp)
B. Optional Studies (25 op)
Students select 25 credits of advanced level courses offered by the unit. The selection of courses offered varies annually. See "Study Modules".


A. Compulsory language skills and linguistic studies (8 cp)
2130441 Writing for Research in English (5 cp)
2130442 Structures of English 2 (5 cp)
B. Culture Studies (5 cp). Choose one of the following courses.
2130448 Language and Internationalization Practice (5 cp)
2130718 Anglosphere Cultures and Societies Seminar (5 cp)
2130719 Press and Media Seminar (5 cp)
C. Compulsory translation and interpretaion studies (14 cp)
2130704 Introduction to Interpreting (English) (2 cp)
2130721 Translation practice communication skills, Finnish–English–Finnish (6 cp)
2130722 Foundations of Special-Field Translation English–Finnish–English (6 cp)
D. Compulsory: Introduction to scientific research (3 cp)
2130717 Introduction to Methods in Translation Studies (3 cp)

A. Theoretical and Methodological Studies: In this module, students must choose 8 cp of courses related to their MA thesis. The module may include courses from the following progammes and modules: Translation Studies, Specialization in Interpreting, Specialization in Translation Technology, Courses in General Linguistics, and MDP in Linguistic Data Sciences. The applicability of the courses must be negotiated beforehand with the thesis supervisor. For example, the following courses are possible:
2130801 Thesis-related Studies (3-6 cp)
2130823 Translation, Language and Cognition (5 cp)
2130824 Peer Review Article Seminar (5 cp)
2133327 Terminology and Lexicography (5 cp)
2133328 User-centered Translation (5 cp)
2133305 Special Issues in Translation Studies I (2-5 cp)
2133306 Special Issues in Translation Studies II (2-5 cp)
2133307 Special Issues in Translation Studies III (2-5 cp)
2133339 Sociology of Translation (3 cp)
2133340 Translation as a Mode of Language Contact (3 cp)
2133517 Interpreting Studies (5 cp)
2132019 Linguistic Methodology (2 cp)
2132042 Introduction to Statistics (2-5 cp)
2132033 Text Corpora (2-5 cp)
2130556 Metaphors and Figurative Language (5 cp)
2130542 Cognitive Linguistics (5 cp)
2130557 Digital Tools in English Studies (5 cp)
B.1. Professional Studies (compulsory 18 cp). In this module, students must choose at least one Translation Seminar (5 cp), one Special Field Translation course (5 cp), Professional Skills (Translation Studies) (5 cp) and Final Reflective Essay (3 cp).)
2133326 Professional Skills (Translation Studies) (5 cp)
2130806 Final Reflective Essay (3 cp) 2130825 Translation Seminar, English–Finnish (5 cp)
2130826 Translation Seminar, Finnish-English (5 cp)
2130827 Special Field Translation Project, English-Finnish (5 cp)
2130828 Special Field Translation Project, Finnish-English (5 cp)
B.2. Professional Studies (optional)2130807 Translation Project 1 (4-10 cp)
2130808 Translation Project 2 (4-10 cp)
2130818 Special Issues in Translation 1 (4-6 cp)
2130819 Special Issues in Translation 2 (4-10 cp)
2130820 Special Issues in Translation 3 (4-10 cp)
2130821 Special Issues in Translation 4 (4-10 cp)
2130811 Translation/Interpreting Commissions 
2133337 Translating Legal Documents, English-Finnish (3 cp)
2130829 Literary translation (5 cp)2133330 Authorised Translation (3 cp)
2133331 Authorised Translation, English-Finnish (3 cp)
C. Culture Studies. The courses in this module are optional.
2130448 Language and Internationalization Practice (5 cp)
2130718 Anglosphere Cultures and Societies Seminar (5 cp)
2130719 Press and Media Seminar (5 cp)
D. Thesis Studies (compulsory)
2130831 Master’s Seminar (English Language and Translation) (5 cp)
2130817 Minor MA Thesis (English Language and Translation) (20 cp)

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-literature and cultural research:
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English Language and Translation
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