Study guide's Master's degree programme for Research Chemists (Joensuu), 2020-21 information (E)

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The Master’s Degree Programme for Research Chemists is an international degree programme taught in English at the University of Eastern Finland. The programme is focused on researcher training in order to meet the ever-growing need for top quality researchers. The objective of the programme is to provide the students with solid theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry and to promote their skills in working as independent and innovative researchers. The programme also serves as an excellent stepping stone for future PhD studies and it will bring the students into contact with the research community by integrating them into ongoing research projects.

Studying chemistry at the University of Eastern Finland

The most profound feature of the programme is the integration of research work into an essential part of the studies. The students will join a research group during their studies and carry out assigned research projects as active members of the group. During the research projects, the students will be familiarised with analytical problem-solving and working with up-to-date research methods and modern research infrastructure.

Master’s theses and studies are linked to the research projects, creating a strong connection with businesses and the working life.

Aims of the higher university degree

The Master’s Degree Programme for Research Chemists provides the student with understanding of the theoretical foundation of chemistry and gives tools to apply the skills in practical chemical problems. The students will acquire knowledge and skill to operate as an expert and developer in the fields of chemical sciences. The development of language and communication skills is an integral part of the programme. The education is based on scientific research methodology and professional practices in the chemistry.