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International Business and Sales Management

International Business and Sales Management (IBS) is a multidisciplinary two-year master's degree program that combines high level research and teaching. The program is designed for both Finnish and international students. Internationalization of firms, business-to-business sales and cross-cultural communication skills are core themes emphasized in the program. The content is based on the latest theoretical findings and case exercises, group work and collaboration between peer students, staff and B2B companies.

The students will acquire important knowledge and ability to operate in a global business environment in various organizations and roles. Additionally, the program curriculum is designed to provide tools to operate successfully in an academic field.

Innovation Management

The studies in Innovation Management equip students with expertise in initiating and leading change in companies and other organizations. Students learn how to manage projects and processes around business model, product and service design, human resources and strategy, and in marketing and customer care. Students will learn to combine analytical and creative thinking and to apply the right methods and tools for innovation and organizational renewal. Our highly qualified faculty have the latest pedagogical knowledge concerning how innovation expertise and skills can be acquired. The curriculum is based on a combination of theoretical thinking and hands-on projects. Graduates have excellent prospects for placements in all business companies, and many other organizations as well. Graduates typically begin their careers as team leaders, project leaders, innovation experts and business consultants, moving on to line manager and upper managerial positions. Many of our graduates start their own businesses or take a position in family enterprises.