Study guide's Master's Degree Programme (CBU) in Forestry (Joensuu campus), 2020-21 information (E)

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Description of the programme

Master’s Degree Programme (CBU) in Forestry (MDP in CBU FOR) is a part of the distinguished Finnish-Russian Cross-Border University (CBU). A 2-year MDP in CBU FOR is offered as a collaboration of University of Eastern Finland (the coordinating university) with three universities in Russia. The CBU FOR partner universities in Russia are

- Petrozavodsk State University
- Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University
- Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Mytischi Branch

The programme benefits from the strong expertise of its partner universities in the following fields: ecology and forestry, bioenergy production, forest resources management and planning, forest economics and policy, forest technology and forest product marketing. The focus of the studies is on ecologically, economically and socially sustainable use of forest resources. The studies are strongly oriented to the needs of future international labor markets. The language of studies is English.

Admission requirements are a BSc in Forestry or in related science and a good knowledge of English. Further information is available at:

Learning outcomes

The graduates from this programme will have capacity and competence to work in the international field of forestry as well as to undertake research and to assume various specialist positions in new environments.

Study structure

Master’s Degree Programme (CBU) in Forestry at UEF consists of general and methodological studies (min. 7 ECTS),  studies in language and communication (min. 3 ECTS), advanced studies in European forestry (min. 55 ECTS), elective courses at home university or partner universities (minimum 10 ECTS) and obligatory advanced studies (45 ECTS). Advanced studies in European forestry are selected in the chosen major topics which can be A. Management and ecology of forest ecosystems, B. Forest mensuration and planning, C. Forest economics and policy or D. Wood technology and wood materials science. Elective courses may include courses at the home university (e.g. courses of the School of Forest Sciences, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Business School, Law School, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences, etc.) and/or partner universities. If the student whose home university is UEF and who is aiming at studying the double degree programme between UEF and SPSFTU/BMSTU MB, the personal study plan needs to be accepted by both universities and the MSc thesis (30 ECTS) should be supervised and accepted by both universities and written in English. Students’ major subject is European Forestry.

The final grade of the MSc degree at UEF is counted as ECTS weighted mean of advanced courses in European forestry and obligatory advanced courses. Thesis grade is not included in the final grade, but will be shown separately. All courses should be completed in English.