Oppaan Master's Degree Programme in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication, 2020-21 tiedot

Yleinen kuvaus Opetus Tentit Tutkintorakenteet Opintojaksot


2321571 Orientation Studies (6 cp)

Orientation studies provide students with useful tools indispensable for successful completion of the courses included in the curriculum. They familiarize students with the University of Eastern Finland, present the core of the Finnish educational system in general, as well as introduce the main learning objectives, content and evaluation criteria of the Master's Degree Programme in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication.

1131003 Orientation for International Students (1 cp)
8031003 University Study Skills (1 cp)
8031006 University Computing Skills (2 cp)
2010001 Finnish Educational Systems and Organizations (1.5 cp)
2321515 Introduction to International Master's Degree Programme in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication (0.5 cp)

2321582 Major Studies (94 cp)

A. Methodological Studies (53 cp)

Major Studies aim at deepening students’ knowledge and academic skills related to research methodology in educational sciences. They also prepare students to plan and execute their research activities related to the topic of their Master’s thesis. As one of the main aspects of the ELEIC programme is communication in various international settings, major studies include as well obligatory courses fostering students’ ability to act as an English speaking professional teacher or educator.

2321557 Quantitative Research Methods (5 cp)
2230324 Qualitative Research Methods (5 cp)
2320309 Mixed methods (4 cp)
8015011 English Academic Writing for Master’s Degree Students in Educational Sciences (4 cp)
2310327 Master’s Thesis Seminar (5 cp)
2320330 Master's Thesis (30 cp)
2230329 Maturity Test (0 cp)

B. Content Studies (41 cp)

Content studies, constituting an integral part of the major studies are dedicated to the pedagogical viewpoints of language teaching and learning processes. The emphasis is laid on theoretical and practical aspects of working with/for children. The content studies are oriented towards theory and practice of teaching foreign languages to young learners, current pedagogical and educational issues, innovative pedagogical solutions, as well as teaching and professional practice.

2321201 Theoretical Perspectives on Early Foreign Language Learning (5 cp)
2321202 Theory and Practice of Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners (5 cp)
2321203 European Language Portfolio for Young Learners (5 cp)
2321204 Research in Early Language Education (5 cp)
2321205 Teaching Practice (5 cp)
2321101 Intercultural Communication Competence (5 cp)
2220121 Approaches to Special Education in Finland (3 cp)
2321507 Pedagogical Perspectives of Educational Use of ICTs (3 cp)
2321521 Professional Practice (5 cp)

2321590 Other Studies (20 cp)

Other Studies may include any university-level courses that serve to deepen students’ expertise related to the topic of their master’s thesis or personal interests.
Examples of recommended studies:

2321556 Ethical Teacher: Ethical Challenges in Educational Contexts (3 cp)
2310204 Introduction to Research in Educational Sciences (3 cp)
8020340 Information Skills and Sources in Educational Sciences for International Students (1 cp)
2230337b Sociology of Education, Education (5 cp)
2310205 Exploring Cultural Stereotypes (3 cp)
2310206 Exploring Education in Finland from Theoretical and Practical Perspectives (3 cp)
2310207 Education in Diverse Cultures (5 cp)
2310209 Multilingual and Multicultural Events for Children (5 cp)
2321558 Academic Skills in Education (5 cp)
2220302E Classics in Special Education (3 cp)
2220301E Advanced Literature on Special Needs Education (5 cp)
2321511 Educational Psychology (5 cp)
2321555 International Education (2–5 cp)
2220221E Assessment and Evaluation in Promoting Learning (3 cp)
2321104 Introduction to Intercultural Encounters (5 cp)
2321102 Components of Cultural Multiplicity (5 cp)
2321105 Ethics in Intercultural Interaction (5 cp)
2321106 Multicultural Project (5 cp)
2310208 Work Practice for International Master’s Degree Students in Educational Sciences (3–10 cp)
1130007 Career Planning - International Students Seeking a Job or Traineeship in Finland (2 cp)
2321591 Finnish for International Master's Degree Students (4 cp)
8014301 Finnish 1 (4 cp)
8014302 Finnish 2 (4 cp)
8014303 Finnish 3 (4 cp)
8014304 Finnish 4 (4 cp)
2124908 Cultural Studies Perspectives on Finnish Culture (5 cp)
2124901 Finnish Folk Culture (5 cp)
2124907 Gender Studies and Finnish Culture and Society (5 cp)
8015309 Language Café (1 cp)
8014201 Chinese 1 (4 cp)
8014202 Chinese 2 (4 cp)
8014205 Chinese Culture and Social Customs (2 cp)

Further information

Professor Ritva Kantelinen, Metla building, room 1108B, ritva.kantelinen(at)uef.fi

Coordinator Juuso Loikkanen, Borealis building, room 304, juuso.loikkanen(at)uef.fi