Oppaan Social Sciences and Health & Social Management for Exchange Students, Kuopio campus, 2020-21 tiedot

Yleinen kuvaus Opetus Tentit Opintojaksot

This is a course catalogue for international exchange students at the Kuopio campus. It lists courses offered by the Department of Social Sciences and the Department of Health and Social Management. These two departments offer 6 study units for their exchange students: 

Bachelor's level:

5524106a Finnish Society, lectures, 3 ECTS  (Please note that the related study circle 5524106b is only in Finnish and not available for exchange students.)

5410180 Introduction to Finnish Health and Social Services System, 5 ECTS. Independent study in an online learning environment.

Master's level:

5513526 Global Perspectives in Social Work, 5 ECTS
NB: Only for students who study social work as a major subject.

5513529 Working with Diversity, 5 ECTS
NB: This course is available for students in social sciences and in health and social management and in public health.

5410158 Comparison of International Health and Welfare Systems, 5 ECTS

5410161 From Public to Knowledge Management in Health and Social Care , 5 ECTS

For detailed course descriptions please see the interleaf Study units. For timetables, please see the interleaf Teaching.

Further information:


Ella Koistinen, Amanuensis
Snellmania Building, room SN3070 (Kuopio campus)
ela.koistinen (at) uef.fi