Oppaan Sivuaine: Professional Intercultural Competence, 2020-21 tiedot

Yleinen kuvaus Opetus Tentit Erilliset opintokokonaisuudet Opintojaksot

Content and structure of studies

A successful learner from this programme will be able to name and describe the components of professional competence required in multicultural work communities. She/he will be able to explain and revise the meaning of intercultural competence in her/his profession. She/he will be able and motivated to develop her/his own professional intercultural competence and she/he will be able to employ her/his knowledge of intercultural competence in order to advance her/his work community.

Studies are open for all students

The programme is intended for all degree students of the University of Eastern Finland, KARELIA University of Applied Sciences and international exchange students. There is no application or selection process involved. Registration for each study module is carried out WebOodi. After the completion and grading of all study units, you will receive a mark for the entire programme in your transcript of academic records by sending email to the Coordinator of the programme.