Study guide's Minor: Studies in Internationalisation, 2018-19 information (E)

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Study right

This study module can be freely chosen, i.e., students do not have to apply for a minor study right, nor is the amount of students limited. The study module is targeted to Finnish-speaking students or those studying in programmes where the language of tuition is Finnish.

Learning outcomes

After completing the Studies in Internationalisation, the student 

  • will be aware of the differences between cultures and their importance to everyday interactions
  • will be able to study their own culture from a comparative point of view and adapt their behaviour and communication to the situation 
  • will have gained abilities to operate in global and multicultural working life
  • will have strengthened and diversified their language and communication skills

Contact persons

Thsi module is coordinated by the Amanuensis Hanna Reinikainen (YHKA, Kuopio) and the Coordinators Juuso Loikkanen (FILO, Joensuu) and Mia Laurila (International Mobility Services, Joensuu). Email: kv-opintokokonaisuus at


  • A total of 25 ECTS at minimum from at least two modules must be selected.
  • A maximum of 15 ECTS can be completed in one module.
  • Studies completed abroad are primarily used to substitute for the mandatory studies included in the degree; extra studies can be included in this module.
  • Courses that have been or are included in another study module cannot be used for this study module.
  • The courses connected to the study module must be completed during university studies

Nota bene! You will find the course descriptions and timetables via the interleaf Study modules.

1131020, Studies in Internationalisation (25-35 ECTS)

MODULE 1: Internationalisation at home (max. 15 ECTS)

Courses completed by participating in the international activities or language cafe activities of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, receiving training and acting as a peer tutor for international exchange or degree students, and participating in foreign-language lectures by visiting lecturers can be included in module 1. Foreign-language courses not included in the student’s other study modules can also be included in this module.

Acting as a peer tutor for international students and receiving training to become a peer tutor for international students

  • 1131022 Course for Peer Tutoring for International Master's Students 2 ECTS
  • 131012 Acting as a Peer Tutor for International Master’s Degree Students 2 ECTS
  • 1131013 Course for Peer Tutoring for Exchange Students 1 ECTS
  • 1131014 Acting as a Peer Tutor for Exchange Students 2 ECTS
  • 1131015 Acting as a senior Peer Tutor  (only for international students) 1-2 ECTS

Completed foreign-language courses not included in the student’s other study modules. 

Participating in foreign-language lectures by visiting lecturers and receiving a mark of completion for participation in accordance with the practices of the major or minor subject in question.

International activities of the Student Union

  • 1131017 Participation in student organization and student club’s international activities, 1 ECTS
  • 1131019 Language Cafe, leader, 2 ECTS
  • 8015309 Language Cafe, participant, 1 ECTS

MODULE 2: International practical training (max. 15 ECTS)

Studies for module 2 can be completed with the study unit 1131021 International practical training, 3-5 ECTS, in international practical training in one’s own major or minor subject, or in other optional international practical training not connected to any study module.

MODULE 3: Studies abroad (max. 15 ECTS)

Courses completed in a foreign higher education institution abroad during university studies. Individual courses that cannot be used to substitute for mandatory or optional studies in a major or minor subject can be included in the internationalisation study module. Higher education -level language studies completed during an exchange can also be used for module 4.4.

MODULE 4: Cultural diversity and language studies (max. 15 ECTS)

In addition to the courses mentioned in the list of courses, other studies related to intercultural encounters and communications that have not been included in other study modules can also be selected for the module. The studies may involve language studies completed in foreign higher education institutions, possible other language studies completed at the Language Centre or for which credits have been transferred (excluding mandatory courses included in the degree as well as refresher courses and similar) as well as certain elective language courses at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Karelia University of Applied Sciences offered to UEF students through educational cooperation. Courses related to intercultural encounters completed in the cooperation network can also be included in the module, such as UniPid, UArctic, NOVA and Epic Challenge studies. 


Further information and the mark for the completion of the module:

kv-opintokokonaisuus at

When asking for the mark for the completion of the module, please indicate in the message your name, student number and which study units you wish to be included in the module.