Study guide's Terveystieteiden tohtoriohjelman jatko-opinto-opas, 2016-17 information (E)

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The Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences is a multidisciplinary programme providing in-depth education in the following fields: nursing science, public health (including ergonomics, sports medicine), primary health care (geriatrics, occupational health care, general practice) and nutrition science (including food sciences). The purpose of the doctoral programme is to train excellent, internationally oriented researchers and experts for a variety of national and international roles.  The doctoral programme is arranged in collaboration with national doctoral degree programme networks.

The following degrees are available through the Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences: Licentiate of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, Licentiate of Science (Pharmacy), Doctor of Science (Pharmacy), Licentiate of Science (Health Care) and Doctor of Science (Health Care), Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Dental Science.