Study guide's Molekulaarisen lääketieteen tohtoriohjelman jatko-opinto-opas, 2016-17 information (E)

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The Doctoral Programme in Molecular Medicine is an interdisciplinary doctoral training programme with the purpose of training researchers as international experts in modern biomedicine. Molecular medicine studies the causes and mechanisms of origin of diseases on a molecular level and strives to find methods to treat and prevent these diseases. Research fields in the programme range from basic laboratory sciences and diagnostics to applied clinical research. The doctoral programme concentrates on the research of major diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, neurological diseases, inflammations and cancer, as well the possibilities provided by stem cell technologies in the treatment of various diseases.

The programme is divided into the following six research programmes: (1) cardiovascular diseases, (2) type 2 diabetes and obesity, (3) neurological diseases, (4) cancer, (5) inflammations and (6) stem cell research. The doctoral programme provides high-quality doctoral education by arranging scientific training courses, seminar series and supervision of doctoral studies. The language of instruction in the doctoral courses is English. Doctoral students prepare their doctoral dissertations in the one of the research groups of the programme. Every doctoral student has at least two supervisors who help the student in preparing a research plan and a doctoral study plan and guide the research project on a regular basis until its completion. The personal post graduate study plan has to be submitted to the Faculty of health Sciences within 3 months of the admission date. The objective of the doctoral programme is to enable doctoral students complete their doctoral degrees in four years.

The following degrees are available in the Doctoral Programme in Molecular Medicine: Licentiate of Science (Pharmacy), Doctor of Science (Pharmacy), Licentiate of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Dental Science, Doctor of Medicine, Licentiate of Science (Health Care) and Doctor of Science (Health Care).