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3621688 Artificial Intelligence, 6 Cp 
Code 3621688  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Artificial Intelligence  Abbreviation AI 
Credits6 Cp  Date of expiry  
TypeAdvanced Studies Subject0530 Computer Science 
ClassStudy Unit  Hours  
Study right   Grading0-5 
Recommended scheduling 
Organisation Computer Science (J,K) 

Learning outcomes 

This course provides the students and insight into the various aspects of artificial intelligence methods and their applications in various domains of a smart society.


This course presents a thorough overview of  a ”Smart anything anywhere” society, in which intelligence is an essential part of the society as a whole. The course deals mainly with bio-inspired artificial intelligence systems. The topics covered in the course are the following: Various Neural Networks, Soft and hard computing, Genetic algorithms and Evolutionary computing with variations, which are algorithms capable of solving complex problems for which other techniques fail, biology-inspired swarm intelligence, Human brain as a model for artificial systems (Blue Brain etc.), Associative memory, Pattern recognition, Nomadic intelligence, Emergent dynamics, etc..

Modes of study 

Lectures 34 h, exercises 16 h, independent work 12 h.


Lectures are not compulsory, but recommended. They tackle methods which are useful both when making the home assignment as well as when passing the exam.


Exercises contain implementing and testing AI methods.

Teaching methods 

Video lectures from School of Computing video classes. Local exercises on both campus.

Study materials 

To be announced later. The lecture will cover material compiled by the lecturer from different sources

Evaluation criteria 


  • By doing the exercises in advance, you will earn 1 p. per task made.
  • Final Examination grade = Examination grade + extra points earned in exercises, which may increase Final Examination grade by +1.
  • Final grade = 65 % * Final Examination grade + 35 % * Home assignment grade.

 Recommended: Computational Intelligence I                                


Autumn 2020 

Offering data 

 Computer science M.Sc students, Computer science international M.Sc students, Computer science exchange students, students whom have done computer science basic and intermediate studies

Further information 

 Teaching in English. The language of instruction is English. A Finnish graduate student can take the exam and / or assignment in Finnish.


Letter (J, K) in front of the name of the course/exam indicates the campus on which teaching or exam takes place: J = Joensuu, K = Kuopio.

Present and future teaching
Functions Name Type Cp Teacher Timetable
  (KUOPIO): Artificial Intelligence  Lecture and exercise course  Pekka Toivanen  01.09.21 -19.11.21
  (JOENSUU): Artificial Intelligence  Lecture and exercise course  Pekka Toivanen  01.09.21 -19.11.21

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