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8015013 Academic Writing Skills for Students in the International Master's degree Programmes of the School of Forest Sciences, 3 op 
Tunniste 8015013  Voimassaolo 01.08.2016 -
Nimi Academic Writing Skills for Students in the International Master's degree Programmes of the School of Forest Sciences  Lyhenne AWS MA/Forest 
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Vastuuyksikkö Kielikeskus (J,K) 


The course provides students with tools for writing academic English. The course tackles the characteristics

and requirements of formal/academic writing.


The course provides students with outlining and planning skills, and helps them to organize and structure

their texts including its different sections. Other focuses are on the quoting and referencing styles and

practices in academic texts. Time allowing key concepts and differences in the style issues and writing

processes of an essay, thesis work, academic research paper (journal publication), journalistic science article

and an expert report (white paper) can briefly be introduced.

Participants will analyze several articles in their own fields, and develop their writing skills through a process

of writing, reviewing and rewriting an essay research article based on their field of study and using the

writing instructions provided by the School of Forest Sciences. The course also includes grammar and

writing exercises.


Due to the learning and teaching methods used, regular attendance, active participation, and completion of

assignments are necessary.

To confirm their place on the course, students need to attend the first session.


The course consists of lectures, discussions, group work, writing assignments, peer and teacher feedback on

written work. Contact teaching (36 hrs) and guided independent study (45 hrs). Some of the contact

teaching hours can be used for individual tutoring.


Students are encouraged to bring their own text/essay or smaller parts of their MSc thesis which they have

in the making to this course. The teacher will provide all the other material.


During the course continuous assessment will be applied. This requires an 80 % class participation and a satisfactory completion of course assignments. The performance of the course participants will be evaluated using numerical grading from 0 to 5.


Level B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The course is recommended for students writing their MSc thesis in English language. The course is

primarily intended for students in International Master´s Degree Programmes of the School of

Forest Sciences who write their MSc thesis in English.

Quota permitting students in other international master´s degree programmes in the Faculty of

Science and Forestry are welcome to apply to the course.


No exemptions.

The course is not aimed at exchange students.

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