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3621329 Business-oriented data analytics, 4 Cp 
Code 3621329  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Business-oriented data analytics  Abbreviation LID 
Credits4 Cp  Date of expiry  
TypeIntermediate Studies Subject0530 Computer Science 
ClassStudy Unit  Hours  
Study right   Grading0-5 
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Organisation Computer Science (J,K) 

Learning outcomes 

Interpret different business models and understand the different structures of the operation as data, objectives and measures. Understand why the organizations utilize different tools for exploitation and exploration. Illustrate with the examples how answers to the key questions of the business are obtained with the data analytics. Learn to follow the tool development around Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, as well as, artificial intelligence environments (e.g., IBM Watson) and the development of cognitive applications.                          


Analytics belongs to everybody and it has to be easily approachable. The main aim of the business-oriented data analytics is to produce actionable insights to the organizations. With the course it is learned to interpret business models and entities, as well as, to illustrate how answers to the key questions of the business within business-oriented data analytics. Furthermore, the course gives the readiness to follow the tool development which belongs to the business-oriented data analytics.        

Modes of study 

Participation in days on come in microcomputer class, doing of the exercises and diploma work of the course. The course does not have an examination.

Teaching methods 

Lectures/labs during the four (4) in-class study days and self-study (i.e., flipped learning)                               

Study materials 

The material distributed during the course, and various web-based (free) materials.

Course book: Marr Bernard (2016) Key Business Analytics – the 60+ business analysis tools every manger needs to know                                                     

Evaluation criteria 



Letter (J, K) in front of the name of the course/exam indicates the campus on which teaching or exam takes place: J = Joensuu, K = Kuopio.

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