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8015011 English Academic Writing for Master´s Degree Students in Educational Sciences, 4-5 op 
Tunniste 8015011  Voimassaolo 29.09.2014 -
Nimi English Academic Writing for Master´s Degree Students in Educational Sciences  Lyhenne EAWE 
Laajuus4-5 op  Vanhenemisaika  
TyyppiKieli- ja viestintäopinnot Oppiaine0001 Kielikeskusopintoja 
LajiOpintojakso  Tuntimäärä  
Opinto-oikeus   ArvosteluHYL-HYV 
Suositeltu suoritusaika 
Vastuuyksikkö Kielikeskus, yhteiset (J,K) 


The course provides tools for writing academic English so that the students can write their Master’s theses in English.


The course tackles with the characteristics and requirements of formal writing and the differences between Finnish/Central European and Anglo-American rhetorical conventions (if relevant in view of participants’ background). It provides students with outlining and planning skills, and helps them to organize their theses, including  its different sections. Other focuses are on the writing of the thesis abstract, quoting and referencing, hedging, metatext and academic punctuation.


Because of the nature of learning, regular attendance, active participation and completion of assignments are necessary.

To confirm their place on the course, students need to attend the first session.


Lectures, discussions, writing assignments, peer and teacher feedback on written work. Contact teaching (48 hrs) and/or guided independent study (60 hrs). Some of the contact teaching hours can be used for individual tutoring.


Provided during the course.


Pass – fail. Assessment based on successful completion of mandatory tasks during the course.


Level B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The course is primarily intended for students in international master’s degree programmes in educational sciences for whom the course is obligatory (curriculum 2018-2021).
If there are places after the enrolment of these students, master’s level students majoring in education in programmes taught in Finnish and doctoral students majoring in education are also welcome.


No exemptions.
The course is not aimed at exchange students.

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