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3310306 Numerical Methods in Photonics, 2 Cp 
Code 3310306  Validity 01.01.2013 -
Name Numerical Methods in Photonics  Abbreviation Numerical Metho 
Credits2 Cp  Date of expiry  
TypeGeneral Studies Subject0520 Physics 
ClassStudy Unit  Hours  
Study right   GradingFail-Pass 
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Organisation Physics and Mathematics(J) 

Kimmo Saastamoinen 

Learning outcomes 

After completing the course, the student knows fundamentals of the MATLAB program.


Matrices, basic functions, interpolation, curve fitting, graphics, MATLAB-programming, examples.

Modes of study 

Active participation in lectures and exercises, completion of the programming exercise.

Teaching methods 

Lectures and demonstrations 27 h (in an IT room), programming exercise.

Study materials 

Lecture notes.

Evaluation criteria 

Pass / Fail


Kimmo Saastamoinen


Basic knowledge of matrices and matrix multiplication.


M.Sc. studies.

Offering data 

Lectured every year


Joensuu campus.

Further information 

The course will be lectured in period 1, in English. The course is meant primarily for the students of Master’s Degree Programme in Photonics.


Letter (J, K) in front of the name of the course/exam indicates the campus on which teaching or exam takes place: J = Joensuu, K = Kuopio.

Present and future teaching
Functions Name Type Cp Teacher Timetable
Register J:Numerical Methods in Photonics   Lecture and exercise course  Kimmo Saastamoinen  07.09.20 -23.10.20

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