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1130007 Career Planning - international students seeking a job or traineeship in Finland, 2 Cp 
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Name Career Planning - international students seeking a job or traineeship in Finland  Abbreviation Career Planning 
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Janne Saarela 

Learning outcomes 

The course aims to give you the tools for career planning and successful application for jobs and/or traineeships.


After successful completion of the course, the student will be expected to have the following information and skills:
-    The rules of the Finnish world of work and job seeking from the point of view of an international applicant.
-    The ability to recognise your skills and strengths; knowledge and skills required when working in your own field.
-    The ability to find information about the employment options and to use various channels of information to find out about potential jobs and traineeships.
-    The ability to analyse job advertisements and to produce personalised application documents with attention to the employer's needs.
-    The ability to prepare for a job interview.
-    The ability to assess what the information received during the course means for you as a job seeker, and to further develop your job seeking skills to promote successful employment.


The Finnish world of work: Inadequate or non-existent Finnish language skills are the biggest obstacle that international students face when seeking a job or traineeship in Finland. Most of the potential jobs are in small businesses, particularly when seeking a job outside cities. In such cases, working in English is usually not an option. Large international companies naturally form an exception.

Knowledge of yourself and survey of your own skills: Knowing yourself is an important cornerstone of career planning. Work in this section will help you crystallise the skills gathered from studies, work experience and hobbies into an attractive package to be marketed to potential employers when seeking a job. When you know yourself and your skills, you will be better able to assess your options and rely on yourself when looking for a job.

Work opportunities in your own field: In this section of the course you will survey the tasks or jobs best suited for you. You will also take a look at the employment status of graduates from the University of Eastern Finland, particularly from your own field.

Seeking a job: In this section of the course, you will learn about the various channels and phases of seeking a job. You will learn to analyse job advertisements, prepare personalised application documents and prepare for a job interview.

Learning assignment: Complete the learning assignment (see below) and submit it to your instructor. The assignment will help you get to know Finnish employment services. You will focus particularly on the channels of employment typical of your own field, such as professional publications or social media. You will learn to analyse job advertisements and to write personalised application documents that meet employers' needs.

Assessment of skills and feedback for the course: Now is the time to assess whether you have achieved the targets for the course and which sections you should learn more about to gain a deeper understanding of them. How do you intend to achieve the targets that require more work? When you have submitted the learning assignment and assessment of your skills, visit WebOodi to give feedback on the course.


Modes of study 

The course consists of independent work only. The materials and exercises are directed at international students who wish to have support in finding a job or traineeship in Finland.  During the course, the term 'job seeking' will be generally used to refer to both of these.

Teaching methods 

The materials and exercises are available in the university’s online learning environment, Moodle. It is possible for the student to contact the instructor of the course via Moodle by using the “Questions for the instructor” tool.

Evaluation criteria 

The course will be evaluated based on the learning assignment and the self-evaluation.

The scale to be used is Pass/To be supplemented/Fail.

 A passed assignment indicates that the student has understood the subject matter and formed a good grasp of its applicability to seeking a job in Finland.


Janne Saarela

Offering data 

 International students interested in job seeking and career planning in the Finnish context.


Letter (J, K) in front of the name of the course/exam indicates the campus on which teaching or exam takes place: J = Joensuu, K = Kuopio.

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