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3621520 Computational Color, 5 Cp 
Code 3621520  Validity 01.05.2010 -
Name Computational Color  Abbreviation LAV 
Credits5 Cp  Date of expiry  
TypeAdvanced Studies Subject0530 Computer Science 
ClassStudy Unit  Hours  
Study right   Grading0-5 
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Organisation Computer Science (J,K) 

Learning outcomes 

After completing the course, students understand the basic concepts of spectral color representation and relation of spectral space to standard color coordinate systems. Especially, the course introduces methods for color calibration and reflectance estimation from RGB- and multispectral measurements. Student will have skills for practical use of mathematical methods like PCA, NMF, and NTF for analysis and processing of spectral data


Course introduces possibilities and problems in accurate color imaging and reproduction. The computational methods introduced in the course are utilized in the context of color management and spectral data approximation.

The list of topics covered: 

  • Introduction to color- and spectral imaging
  • Models for spectral signals and color coordinates
  • Spectrum based and CIE standard based color management workflows
  • Physical and empirical reflectance estimation and color calibration models
  • Subspace projections, Principal Component Analysis
  • Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) and Non-negative Tensor Factorization (NTF)¬†
Modes of study 

Lectures, teaching materials, exercises, project work, and active participation

Teaching methods 

Lectures 24 h, excercises 6 h and practical exercises (18 h)

Study materials 

Lecture notes and reference articles

Evaluation criteria 



MATLAB, Basics of linear algebra.


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