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5111806, J: Practical field course in St. Petersburg for geography and history students , 5 Cp
Code 5111806 Teaching languages English

J: Practical field course in St. Petersburg for geography and history students Abbreviation name Special Course 
Credits 5 Cp  Organisation Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, shared activities (J) 
Type Lecture and exercise course  Grading 0-5 
Time 23.11.2018 -05.12.2018 Further information  
Target group
Last updated 09.01.2019

Learning outcomes 

Learning objectives: After completing the course, the student

  •      has practical expertise and knowledge of conducting qualitative fieldwork in foreign settings, based upon a 6-day excursion St. Petersburg, Russia.
  •      is able to use various field methods, particularly visual field methods.
  •      has improved their knowledge about past and contemporary Russian society.

Content: This course aims to recognise the historic and continuing links between Finland and Russia’s former capital through a guided field course to nearby St. Petersburg, supported by pre-excursion lectures by staff members and complementary lectures by Russian colleagues in partner institutions in Russia.  The focus of the field course will be determined on an annual basis.

Modes of study: Lectures (22 hours), excursion (6 days), group exercise and short research essay (5 credits).

Study Materials: All lectures and readings are available from the university’s Moodle server, accessed by using your student account.

Excursion costs: The travel costs to St. Petersburg plus the cost of an individual Russian visa are covered by each student.

Evaluation Criteria: Active attendance at lectures is required. In groups students conduct research on a selected topic employing qualitative field methods to submit a portfolio comprising 60% of the final grade, to be evaluated 0-5. Additionally, students use their skills to prepare a research essay comprising 40% of the final grade, to be evaluated 0-5. The essay on a Russian-related topic of their choice will be evaluated by either Paul Fryer (geography) or Pieter Dhondt (history).

Teachers: Paul Fryer (GEO), M391 and Pieter Dhondt (HIS), M363

Campus information: Joensuu

Further information: Language of instruction is English. Assignments may be submitted in Finnish.


Excursion: 1.12.–6.12.2018


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