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3513019, Bioenergy markets and policies, 6 Cp
Code 3513019 Teaching languages English

Bioenergy markets and policies Abbreviation name BioMarPol 
Credits 6 Cp  Organisation Forest Sciences (J) 
Type General examination  Grading 0-5 
Time 05.05.2021 Further information  
Target group
Last updated 01.04.2021

Further information  Due to the corona situation, general exams will not be considered for big group of students in classrooms during the spring of 2021. You must register for the general exam in the weboodi ten (10) days before the exam day. Late registrations will not be considered. After the end of the registration period, the Responsible Teacher of the course informs the students about the method and time of completing their exam. Whenever possible, exams will be placed on the pre-announced date and time of the general exam (between 12 and 16). The Responsible Teacher of the course can also organize an exam in the classroom as a contact exam for a small group of students, taking into account safety and hygiene instructions. 

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Bioenergy markets and policies Blas Mola
    wed 12.00-16.00, place