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 University of Eastern Finland  Minor: Studies in Internationalisation, 2019-20 
What to study in the summer of 2019?, 2018-19...2019-20 
          (E)Laajenna Aducate, Centre for Training and Development (J,K)   Show study units
          (E)Laajenna Faculty of Health Sciences    
          (E)Laajenna Faculty of Science and Forestry    
          (E)Laajenna Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies  Methodological studies (Faculty of SSBS), 2019-20 
Sivuaine: Filosofian opinto-opas, Joensuun kampus, 2019-20 
Sivuaine: Filosofian opinto-opas, Kuopion kampus, 2019-20 
Social Sciences and Health & Social Management for Exchange Students, Kuopio campus, 2019-20 
          (E)Laajenna Language Centre (J,K)  Language Centre Language and Communication Studies, Philosophical Faculty, 2019-20 
          (E)Laajenna Library (J,K,S)  Show teaching events  Show study units
          (E)Laajenna Open University (J,K)  Open University, Business and Law, 2019-20 
Open University, Computer Sciences, 2019-20 
Open University, Education, 2019-20 
Open University, Forest Sciences, 2019-20 
Open University, Health Sciences, 2019-20 
Open university, Humanities, 2019-20 
Open University, Language and Communication Studies, 2019-20 
Open University, Sciences, 2019-20 
Open University, Social Sciences, 2019-20 
          (E)Laajenna Philosophical Faculty  EMCL+, 2019-20 
International non-degree programmes in Philosophical Faculty, 2019-20 
Master's Degree Programme in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication, 2019-20 
Master's Degree Programme in English Language and Culture, 2019-20 
Master's Degree Programme in Learning, Teaching and Counselling in Intercultural Context, 2019-20 
Master's Degree Programme in Linguistic Data Sciences, 2019-20 
           UEF Doctoral School  Doctoral program in Business, 2019-20 
Doctoral Programme in Educational Studies, 2019-20 
Doctoral Programme in Law, 2019-20 
Doctoral Programme in Social and Cultural Encounters (SCE), 2019-20 
Kauppatieteiden tohtoriohjelma, 2019-20 
Past, Space and Environment in Society Doctoral Programme, 2019-20 
UEF Doctoral School, 2018-19...2020-21 
Welfare, Health and Management (WELMA), 2019-20 
          (E)Laajenna University Services