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3513157 Trends in European forestry, 5 Cp  
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Name Trends in European forestry  Abbreviation Trends in Europ 
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TypeAdvanced Studies Subject0432 European Forestry 
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Organisation Forest Sciences (J) 

Timo Tokola 

Learning outcomes 

Upon successful completion of this course the students should be able to describe the essential features regarding history of forests and land use in Europe; account for the basic conditions for forestry as well as the present state of the forests and forestry in different parts of Europe; identify various production goals that can be found in European forestry, contrast them with objectives regarding, for example, environmental conservation, and discuss ways to handle possible conflicts, and discuss how trends in society and environment (climate) affect European forests and forestry, the ecosystems, the carbon accounting, the use of forests, as well as the forest industries and their markets.


Forestry in different parts of Europe, the various objectives within forestry, as well as the trends affecting forest ecosystems, forestry, forest production, forest conservation and forest industry, special topics within forest management and forest policy.

Modes of study 

Lectures (approx. 70 h), project and group works (approx. 10 h), panel discussions (approx. 10 h), excursions (approx. 10 h), examination (approx. 2 h) and self-studies (approx. 20 h).

Study materials 

To be specified later.

Evaluation criteria 

0-5. Evaluation is based on written examination.


Teachers from different MSc EF Consortium universities. Contact person in Joensuu: Professor of Forest Information Systems Timo Tokola.


August 2018


Joensuu campus

Further information 

Only for MSc European Forestry students. The course includes the elements of sustainable development (i.e. ecological principles, management of natural resources and climate change). The language of instruction for this course is English.


Letter (J, K) in front of the name of the course/exam indicates the campus on which teaching or exam takes place: J = Joensuu, K = Kuopio.

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J: Trends in European forestry  Lecture and exercise course  Timo Tokola  04.08.21 -27.08.21

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