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8020270 Information skills and sources in Science and Forestry for International Students, 1 Cp  
Code 8020270  Validity 01.01.2011 -
Name Information skills and sources in Science and Forestry for International Students  Abbreviation ISS SCIFOR 
Credits 1 Cp Date of expiry  
TypeGeneral Studies Subject0951 Forestry 
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Study right   Grading0-5 
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Organisation Library, Joensuu (J) 

Laura Parikka 
Tapani Toivanen 

Learning outcomes 

The student recognises the most important book databases and journal article databases as well as other relevant academic information sources. The student is aware of advantages of open science.

The student can conceptually analyse her/his search topic, prepare search queries, perform searches, and evaluate the search results.

The student uses information resources ethically and legally. The student acknowledges the user rights and avoids plagiarism.

The student is accounted for similarities and differences of scientific and vocational information retrieval and sources.


This course covers introduction to the most important subject-specific scholarly information sources of research publications, basics of analysis of information search topic and search query formulation, and skills in systematic information retrieval

Modes of study 

Training sessions/independent study; Assignment.

Teaching methods 

Multiform: Training sessions and online studying in the Moodle learning environment.

Personal assisgment and report.

Evaluation criteria 

0 - 5. Acceptably performed exercises and written personal assignment report on one's search topic.


Joensuu campus:

Autumn semester: two courses, one for students of Computer Science the other for students of Biology, Chemistry, Forestry and Physics



Further information 

Target group: Primarily for students of International Master's Degree Programs in Faculty of Science and Forestry in Joensuu Campus. Maximum number of participants is 25

Course language: English


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