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4217565 Protein structure, 5 Cp  
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Name Protein structure  Abbreviation PROS 
Credits 5 Cp Date of expiry  
TypeAdvanced Studies Subject0719 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 
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Organisation Pharmacy (K) 

Antti Poso 

Learning outcomes 

Student recognize secondary structure elements and learn about protein functions like enzymes and receptors. Students learn to efficiently search information from protein databases, and to use that information to study protein and combine this information with experimental data of protein function.


Basics of protein structure and structure-function relationship of protein function and enzyme catalysis. Protein modeling from sequence. Students will get known to protein modeling techniques. The course will provide good basics to other modeling courses or for independent studies.

Modes of study 

Written case report, participating practical sessions (100% presence), Moodle-exercises and seminar work.

Written case report, Moodle-exercises and network seminar (group work).

Teaching methods 

Lectures 20 h, practical session 6 h, Moodle exercises, Group work and seminar (3h), Independent Study 60 h 

Network lectures 20 h, Moodle exercises, Group work and seminar (3h), Independent Study 60 h

Study materials 

The Molecules of Life: Physical and Chemical Principles. Kurian, Konforti and Wemmer. Garland Science 2013. Material in Moodle.

Evaluation criteria 

Case report (60%), Seminar report (40%)


Professor Antti Poso, Senior Scientist Tuomo Laitinen


Autumn semester

Offering data 

PR4, PR5, BioMed4, graduate students, JOO-studies



Further information 

antti.poso(at), office hilkka.wessman(at)

Course includes the elements of sustainable development (i.e., ethical questions and health)

Teaching language: English



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K: Protein structure  Lecture and exercise course  Antti Poso  04.09.20 -22.09.20

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