Study unit
4218511 Pharmacology of drugs of abuse, 2 Cp  
Code 4218511  Validity 01.01.2010 -
Name Pharmacology of drugs of abuse  Abbreviation HUFA 
Credits 2 Cp Date of expiry  
TypeAdvanced Studies Subject0718 Pharmacology 
ClassStudy Unit  Hours  
Study right   Grading0-5 
Recommended scheduling 
Organisation Pharmacy (K) 

Markus Storvik 

Learning outcomes 

Learning pharmacology and toxicology basics though information on substances of abuse. The materials and seminars are in English language.


Learning pharmacology basics in a psychobiosocial context. This is a godo opportunity to learn basic English terminology that can be helpful in further studies. You also practice making presentations in a way that are usefull in the school of pharmacy.

Modes of study 

Attending to the seminars, participation in group work and presentation.

Teaching methods 

The course is fully in english, although the teachers can use finnish to when helpful. There is 1h of compulsory lectures, as is the final 2h quiz. 15 hours is reserved for group work, 12 hours for student seminars, and 10 hours for audiovisual materials online.

Study materials 

Material in Moodle.

Evaluation criteria 

0 - 5. Passing the course requires attending to first lecture, final quiz, giving own seminar, and attending to all seminars, although you may be absent from one of the seminars.


Markus Storvik, Niina Karttunen.


Autumn 2020.

Offering data 

FA3/PR3 (ERASMUS) primarily.



Further information 

Organising Department: School of Pharmacy, Department of pharmacology and toxicology.

Contact persons:

Course director Markus Storvik (markus.storvik(at)

Office: Marja Lappalainen (marja.lappalainen(at)


Letter (J, K) in front of the name of the course/exam indicates the campus on which teaching or exam takes place: J = Joensuu, K = Kuopio.

Present and future teaching
Functions Name Type Cp Teacher Timetable
K: Pharmacology of drugs of abuse  Multi-modal teaching  Markus Storvik  07.10.20 -09.12.20

Future exams
No exams