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3513019 Bioenergy markets and policies, 6 Cp  
Code 3513019  Validity 19.05.2010 -
Name Bioenergy markets and policies  Abbreviation BioMarPol 
Credits 6 Cp Date of expiry  
TypeAdvanced Studies Subject0951 Forestry 
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Study right   Grading0-5 
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Organisation Forest Sciences (J) 

Blas Mola 

Learning outcomes 

Upon a successful completion of this course, the students have obtained knowledge and skills for analyzing the development of the driving forces and barriers of the expanding bioenergy markets at local, national and international level as well as for understanding the bioenergy-related policies and governance processes. The student must be able to handle basic tools of market analysis and trade, and have an understanding of the limitations and effects of the policy frameworks on the introduction and development of bioenergy. The student must understand the demands and needs of the consumers and the role of the European Union and the member states in the decision making and in the promotion of bioenergy.


Essentials: Overview of the markets for biomasses for energy production and biomass based value chains globally and within the European Union (EU), including the supply, quantity, demand, and consumption as well as consumer market aspects. Fundamentals of the policies that have impacts on the supply and consumption of wood energy biomass. Complementary knowledge: Bioenergy governance at local and global level. International bioenergy business, role of bioenergy for the development of rural areas and entrepreneurship.

Modes of study 

Lectures (24 hrs), exercises (14 hrs), assignments (62 hrs) and independent learning (62 hrs).

Teaching methods 

Contact teaching

Study materials 

Materials distributed in the course.

Evaluation criteria 

0-5. Assignments (30 %) and final examination (70 %).


Senior Researcher in Forest Bioenergy and visiting lecturers


Spring 2022 (3rd period)



Further information 

The language of instruction for the course is English.


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