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3513129 Supply and energy use of lignocellulosic biomass, 6 Cp  
Code 3513129  Validity 30.01.2013 -
Name Supply and energy use of lignocellulosic biomass  Abbreviation SuLiBi 
Credits 6 Cp Date of expiry  
TypeAdvanced Studies Subject0951 Forestry 
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Organisation Forest Sciences (J) 

Blas Mola 

Learning outcomes 

Upon a successful completion of this course, the students will have obtained knowledge and skills to understand the basis of biomass supply, energy production, engineering processes and technologies involved. The students will be familiar with the production aspects of various forms of biomass, including forest and agricultural residues, biomass plantations and peat. Supply, production, current use and utilization limitations, as well as the technologies related to energy production and conversion on a sustainable basis. The students will be able to handle basic research tools concerning biomass supply and use, as well as the use of the different technologies associated with the management, harvesting, transport, conversion and energy production.


Essentials: Basic concepts of lignocellulosic biomass supply and production from managed forests, plantations and sources of different industrial by-products. Research and analysis tools for evaluation and estimation of existing biomass resources and potentials. Basics for analysis of harvesting and transportation logistics of energy wood. Complementary knowledge: Heat production technologies; introduction to bio-energy conversion technologies, with focus on thermal combustion and gasification.

Modes of study 

Lectures Theory (24 hrs), exercises (14 hrs), assignments (62 hrs) and independent learning (62 h).

Teaching methods 

Contact teaching

Study materials 

Röser, D., Asikainen, A., Raulund-Rasmussen, K. and Stupak, I. (eds.) (2008) Sustainable use of forest biomass for energy a synthesis with focus on the Baltic and Nordic region

Schubert R et al (2010) Future bioenergy and sustainable land use, 365 pp.

Literature and materials distributed during the course.

Evaluation criteria 

0-5. Assignments (30%) and final examination (70 %)


Senior Researcher in Forest Bioenergy and visiting lecturers.


Autumn 2021



Further information 

The language of instruction for the course is English.


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